Subsidiary Support

Experience our reliable, honest and professional ongoing support services

Planning the monthly professional support engagement

Having worked with entrepreneurs across different countries, we know that understanding you, your culture, expectations and your unique requirements are the key to a successful engagement. Right after the formation of your subsidiary, we will execute a letter of engagement(LOE) for mutually agreed ongoing monthly professional support services, so that you receive our support from the start.

Our engagement commences with well-defined strategic road map

After signing the letter of engagement mutually, we get started immediately. Our execution team is introduced and they simply get down to business pro-actively. Our engagement commences with a well defined strategic road map which considers all future growth plans you may have shared with us. With time, as your business grows and diversifies, we can scale up our services so that you get what your business needs.

Experience our committed support services as we strive to deliver excellence

Our professional support services are customised and tailored to suit the holistic requirements of the subsidiary and the holding company all through our engagement. You can absolutely be assured that during the entire course of our execution, we will lead you to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, as we strive to deliver excellence.

Honest deliverables under single window concept

We work closely with our clients, yet independently, and encourage open and transparent communication, keeping you informed of all developments, which could potentially impact your business.  All services you need to run critical business functions can be availed from us under one engagement, so you don’t have to look for other providers and face inconvenience

Our services are not 'off the shelf' but tailored to suit your unique requirement

We have always believed that each client is unique and each client situations are unique. We do not believe in the one size fits all solution. Each engagement is designed uniquely to cater to your specific requirement. We state with pride that we serve our clients with high degree of professionalism and personal touch, guiding them at each step, and with pricing model that is flexible to their growing needs.  

Strict month closures, professional reporting & assurance

A special and consistent feature of our engagement is  generation of professionally designed management reports for client discussions and the assurance we provide to our clients at the end of each month that all’s well. We follow strict month closure formalities.

Our Subsidiary Support Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accurate & timely bookkeeping is essential to your subsidiary’s long-term viability for internal & external reasons. Our trusted and dedicated bookkeeping team will professionally manage invoicing, revenue accounting, AP and AR, bank transactions, book closing, preparation of periodic financial statements, inter-co accounts etc

Payroll & Employee Benefits

Payroll management is a very sensitive function which effects your employees in several ways including their take home salaries. It needs to be accurate, timely, confidential and in adherence to local labour and tax laws. Our payroll team will deliver effective payroll services, leading to high levels of employee satisfaction.

Tax Management & Compliances

Indian tax laws and compliance obligations are quite complicated with several filings, computations and remittances periodically. Compliances need detailed understanding, expertise and experience to handle, which our tax and compliance team are adept at and will professionally manage for you.

Corporate & Regulatory

Ongoing compliance with ministry of corporate affairs regulations and Indian companies act are mandatory for the subsidiary. Our company secretary will ensure that we make periodic filings and submissions, maintain all records, conduct periodic board and members meetings and ensure good corporate governance.

Human Resource Services

Floraison provides your subsidiary an array of human resource services with the fundamental objective of strengthening relationship with your employees. You can be assured of professionally managing your employees through industry best practices & policies that integrates global flavour with local requirements.

Consolidation, Reviews & Reporting

We have developed methodologies to professionally compile, review and analyse financial information and present suitable management reports for your business decision making, each month. We also provide support with accurate consolidation of subsidiary and holding company books.

Virtual CFO Services

With our virtual CFO services, you will get access to a qualified and experienced financial professional who understands your specific financial, regulatory and reporting needs and helps you make the right decisions you need, to guide your business to future success in India. You pay him only for the hours used.

Annual Audit, Tax & Other Filings

The subsidiary will need to get its books of accounts audited under different laws like Companies Act, Income Tax Act and GST laws. You will need to do annual tax returns and other filings. You will need professional help to complete these mandatory annual obligations and to stay compliant with applicable laws

Business Support Services

We provide critical business support services like lending registered office address and resident nominee director services, vendor identification and management, assist with procurement of goods and services, co-ordinate with external agencies for office insurance, housekeeping, security and front office.