Small Business Support

Providing support you need for long term viability of your business

Opportunities galore for young entrepreneurs & small business owners

In the age of technology, it’s the instinct of innovation, creation, & disruption which drives young people to new ventures rather than just the urge or pressure to do something for a living. Entrepreneurs, the young especially, have been looking at exploiting trends like the IOT, AI, data analysis & machine learning to find solutions such as smart healthcare processes, smart retail operations, etc; To be honest, no time ever in Indian history was better to make a beginning than NOW

We're here to help you succeed in reaching your business goals

As a business owner, you work hard every single day. Whether it is managing your employees, overseeing your company’s day-to-day operations, or generating new ideas, you don’t have much time left over to deal with the financial side of your business. Business laws and regulations are getting tougher to comply. If generating revenues is tough, generating profits is tougher. No more worries. We are committed to work with you and be with you, to ease your business challenges, help you accelerate & grow your business

Small business owners no longer have to feel vulnerable

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, many businesses face unprecedented challenges. With years of proven expertise in business advisory, we make sure that business owners like you have the information – and insights – you need to remain competitive and ensure stability for your business for years to come. Our suite of services are designed to provide you with business essential services to help you comply with all that is applicable to your business.

Startups - with or without Investor backing can significantly benefit from our services

If you have just started your enterprise or about to start your dream venture, with or without Investor backing, we have a range of services designed exclusively for you. With a trusted partner providing you all the services you need as startup, you can free up and focus your time and energy on kickstarting, stabilising and growing your startup.

We help closely held and family owned firms to professionalise and grow

Closely held and family owned firms still dominate Indian business scene. While some have professionalised their approach, some still need professional handholding and guidance to help navigate the challenges of modern day business. You can count on us to be your friend, mentor and guide, while trusting us with reliable delivery of support services which will help you professionalise and grow your business.

Self employed and other professionals can depend on us

Self employed professionals in domains like IT, medical, engineering, legal, architects, etc being experts in their respective domains, solve client problems and make their lives better. We respect your professional contributions. It is our endeavour to support you holistically with our dependable services. We have customised a bouquet of services you may need from us and are happy to work with you.

Business & Sectors that are ideally suited for our services

Information Technology

Healthcare & Pharma firms

E-Commerce firms

Software firms

Educational Institutions


Research & Development firms

Self Employed Professionals

B2B Suppliers

Engineering firms

Food & Beverage Industry

Independent Service Providers

Retailers & Distributors

Logistics Service Providers

Management Consultants

Manufacturers & OEM's

Travel & Tourism firms

Website Designers & Developers

Assemblers & Subcontractors

Entertainment & Media

Property owners & lessors

Small Scale Industries

Advertising & Publicity agencies

Property owners & lessors

Benefit from the Floraison Advantage

Quick Start

Time is money. Our hassle free & convenient Quick Business launch program created especially for you, ensures a flying start to your enterprise

Flexible Services

Our services are customised & tailored to suit your business based on your current needs. We propose & include future services when it is needed 

Simple Pricing

We understand your budget constraints & have designed our services with simple & transparent pricing which makes us reliable, affordable & trustworthy

Single Window

All services you need to run critical business functions can be availed from us under one engagement, seamlessly, so you do not face any inconvenience

Honest Deliverables

We believe in delivering our engagement honestly & sincerely, keeping you informed of any & all developments which could potentially impact your business

Flexible Scale Up

Our engagement can start with essentials. With time, as your business grows & diversifies, we can scale up our services so that you get what your business needs

Our Services to Small Business Owners

Consulting & Entity Planning

It could be that you are a first-time entrepreneur or have had prior experience of setting up legal entity & doing business, but just wished that you could get to do it much better than last time. Whatever be your case, remember that you can rely on our expert & professional entity planning and consulting abilities to help you get a head start in your journey into entrepreneurship.

Entity Formation & Setup

The decision to start a new business is an exciting one, but as every experienced business owner knows, there is more to it than developing a product & hoping it sells. You are probably a “big picture” person with a broad vision and would rather not deal with small things. The key to forming a successful & long-lasting business is to plan the foundation well so things dont go wrong later.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

As small business owner, you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. This is not done, if you are planning to professionally grow your business. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to running your business. Accurate & timely bookkeeping is essential to your long-term viability for internal & external reasons.

Payroll & Employee Benefits

If you own a small business or just starting out, it makes a lot of sense to engage a payroll provider who can process payroll with a lot of experience and expertise. Engaging us ensure that your payroll is processed reliably accurately. We maintain the payroll system and history associated with it. We maintain confidentiality. Employees feel more satisfied with professional payroll services. 

Tax Management & Compliances

Despite the Government’s assurance for bringing reforms to improve the ease of doing business, tax laws and compliances are overwhelming and stressful. With so many critical details to consider, it’s easy to make errors or omissions inviting penalty, fine, or trouble with authorities. Our reliable tax and compliance services take care of all your obligations, so your risks are mitigated

Corporate & Regulatory

It is not enough that you have formed your legal entity with a lot of care and diligence. Ongoing compliance with regulations of ministry of corporate affairs and companies act are mandatory, if you are operating a limited company. Our company secretary will ensure that we make periodic filings & submissions & maintain all the needed records and meet all your corporate & regulatory obligations. 

Human Resource Services

Managing your own employees, & motivating them to perform to their optimal ability is a top challenge for several business owners who are not expected to naturally be ‘people’ persons and often finding themselves getting into wrong situations with employees. We professionally manage your employees through implementation of industry best practices and great HR policies.

Compilation, Reviews & Reporting

As business owner, you are accountable to creditors, private investors & shareholders, who are interested in ensuring that the company’s financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of the company. We have developed methodologies to collate & review financial information to present them in the form of management reports, for business decision making.

Annual Audit, Tax & Other Filings

Based on the type of entity you have formed,  nature of business you are into and volume of your turnover or gross revenues, you will need to get your books of accounts audited under different laws like Companies Act, Income Tax Act, GST laws etc. You will need to do annual tax returns and other filings under these laws. We help you with these services professionally and help you stay compliant.