India Subsidiary

Establish your India legal entity with speed, agility and precision

Setting up a local subsidiary is a great option for business access into India

But the process of setting up a subsidiary in India requires an accurate understanding & administration of the formalities and start-up procedures with a deep understanding of compliances with various laws. The sequence of implementing each activity in the process is as important as the process itself. 

With Floraison as your partner, however, the complex journey is made simple

We utilize our expertise and relationships with local vendors and service providers to harmonise and integrate various activities and holistically help you establish your presence in our country, in practically no time at all. You will be pleasantly surprised with the way we plan and hands-on implement setting up of your legal entity, keeping it simple, unassuming, and cost-effective process.

What is an India Subsidiary?

An India subsidiary is a legal entity, typically a private limited company, duly set up in India that is controlled by the foreign holding company through ownership of between 51% to 100% of the subsidiary company’s equity share capital. This is the most popular & preferred option and more than 95% of global entities currently doing business in India own & operate their own subsidiary here

Popular subsidiaries that operate in India

Audi India, BMW India, Citi Bank, Coca Cola, CRISIL, DELL, Ford, Fox Star Studios, Hindustan Uniliver, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fullerton, Fujitsu, Samsung, Honda, HSBC, Hyundai, Intuit India, Mercedez Benz, LG, Microsoft, Nissan, Opel, Porsche, POSCO, Monsanto, Sony India, Star India, Suzuki, Skoda, Toyota, Vodafone, Walt Disney, Xerox India etc., are some large & popular subsidiaries of their foreign holding companies, set up & successfully operating in India

Establishing a subsidiary provides much needed international presence

International presence helps the organization widen its reach, expanding into a new market to establish a direct presence, hire employees directly, manufacture directly, sell directly, or meet whatever objectives it may have, specific to itself. When an American company has a subsidiary in India, the subsidiary is regarded as an Indian company & not an American one. This has significant local benefits

Top Reasons for setting up a local subsidiary to do business in India

  • Setting up of India R&D or Development Centre
  • Setting up of Back Office or Offshore Entity
  • Expanding Brand Reach and Recognition
  • Global Expansion Plan into New Strategic Locations
  • Cost-effective Production, Assembling or Manufacturing
  • Access to New Markets for Product or Raw Material
  • Access to Technical Skills or Local Expertise
  • Setting up of Captive Center or Shared Resource Centre
  • Opening New Customer Service or Call Centre Facilities

Our Subsidiary Setup Services

Legal Entity Setup

Our Corporate & Regulatory professionals will work with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to effectively complete the formalities of registering & setting up the legal entity. They will follow it up with completing post incorporation process as well like supporting you with opening bank account, share capital structuring etc  

Approval & Registrations

Our Corporate & Regulatory professionals will make applications & submissions with various federal and state authorities to complete certain applicable mandatory approvals & registrations. There is no standard checklist of approvals and registrations you may need, as this depends on the nature of your business

Physical Office Setup

Our Facility Management team will assist you with finalising your office space, negotiating for best terms for your office lease, and co-ordinate with our network of approved vendors for procurement of various goods and services, to ready your office for occupying, complete with all fit outs and amenities you may need.

Accounting & Payroll Setup

Our accounting professionals will help define your accounting and payroll objectives and set up an accounting system that best works for global & local requirements including consolidation. Setting up chart of accounts, defining accounting policies and procedures, and financial controls are part of this process

Tax & Compliance Setup

Setting up a reliable tax and compliance model is extremely critical to the success of your business, because these vary for every entity, based on the nature of their business. Our tax and compliance professionals will put together their thoughts to work out an accurate & optimal tax and compliance model. 

Human Resource Setup

Let our human resource professionals use their expertise and experience to integrate and blend global flavours with inevitable local regulations, culture and values, while setting up your HR policies and practices culminating into a great employee handbook, for practical implementation in the subsidiary.