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Engage the best talents from India, without any barriers

Jump-start your India business - through our India PEO

Traditionally, for expanding their business into foreign territories, global companies needed to establish their own foreign legal entities in the form of wholly owned subsidiaries. This often proved to be time consuming, expensive, cumbersome and risky. To many, it appeared unnecessary and unmeaningful. With rapid evolution of PEO opportunities, global entities can now do business in a foreign location without having to set up subsidiaries.

PEO simplifies global expansion plan

With PEO option gaining precedence over legal entity set up for lot of multinational companies, global expansion plans have been simplified significantly – saving lots of time, costs, hassles and above all risks. If you want to avail our PEO services, just reach out to us, tell us your needs, and allow us to get started. It’s as simple as that!

Engage the best talents from India, without any barriers

Setting up a legal presence and hiring new team members is undoubtedly an exciting time for growing businesses in India. With our PEO services, you can jump the phases of entity planning and entity formation under a complicated global expansion process and straight away avail services of the best talents India can offer to you.

What is PEO?

A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) is a company that partners with small to medium-sized businesses on B2B basis to provide comprehensive HR services, such as payroll processing, benefits administration, regulatory compliance, tax filings, staff recruiting & training, & more; while the client continues to control its operations & employee functions. PEO Services are also called Co-Employment Services or Resource Deployment Services

Get started with our PEO - in 7 simple steps

Evaluate if PEO is the most suitable option
for your India expansion plans!

Evaluate if PEO is the most suitable option for your India expansion plans!

Test water first before committing to expansion

Do not make the cardinal sin of jumping into a foreign territory without knowing it well enough. With our India PEO, you can gain access to India, with no risks or commitments & begin to hire employees & get them to work for you exclusively without a legal entity

Make and know your expansion plans

What are the reasons for your India expansion? Objectives? Duration? Manpower requirements? Budget? Can you afford to delay your hiring in India? Answers to these critical questions can help you evaluate if PEO is the best option to begin your global expansion to India

Manage India employees of an acquired company

If you have acquired a company in your country or globally that has a legal presence and employees in India and you do not want to continue operating the legal entity in India for obvious reasons, signing up a PEO arrangement with us could be the best option for you

Get India presence without committing

Having a PEO presence in India and having employees hired and working exclusively for you can give you great visibility for business connection in India. You can opt to convert to subsidiary when you are ready for full- fledged legal presence

If you were looking for one good reason to engage
our unique PEO services, here are ten.

If you were looking for one good reason to engage our unique PEO services, here are ten.

Quick Business Launch

With our India PEO model, your global entity can commence business in India in practically NO time at all. This solution cuts the time it takes to enter and commence your business activities in India by nearly 90% when compared to creating a foreign legal entity, which could cost you significant time & efforts

Huge Cost Savings Upfront

It is now possible to expand your business into offshore location without incurring any costs upfront! Our PEO model helps you start your business in India with no capital outlay. Entity formation on the other hand requires substantial capital to be set aside right in the beginning

Single Consolidated Invoice

For all the services you receive under the agreed PEO Service engagement, you will receive just one consolidated invoice per month. This makes the whole arrangement simple, transparent, clear, and predictable. There will be no surprise invoices, no hidden costs

Predictable Ongoing Costs

All costs are pre-agreed & well determined. Direct costs of hiring, compensating, & retaining employees are clearly budgeted & agreed. Indirect costs such as establishment costs, overheads are factored in the costs. There are no surprises or unforeseen expenses

Be Handsfree

You don’t have to deal with administrative or regulatory burdens that can be overwhelming & time consuming. No hassles of dealing with multiple vendors, service providers & suppliers We manage these cumbersome processes for you while you only focus on managing the employees & their deliverables

Total Risk Mitigation

Zero legal or compliance burden as risks of doing business in India are completely mitigated. By engaging us, you are leveraging on our experience and expertise with local  laws, culture and business conditions and minimising your exposure towards employees, and your business in India  

Flexible Scaling

Hire as many employees as you need. Free up those you don’t need. Just spell out your needs and we will arrange to implement them. Flexible scaling up or scaling down option is amongst the most preferred reasons why global entities prefer the PEO model

One Stop HR Solutions

Enjoy one stop HR solutions from professionals – managed labour compliance, hiring, joining, onboarding, exits, payroll & employee benefits. Our local HR experts know applicable laws, regulations, best practices & standard operating procedures. You can leverage on this knowledge & significantly benefit

Easy Exit Option

Our PEO engagement typically has 60 day exit clause. That means by merely providing 60 days’ notice, you can exit from this PEO arrangement. No strings attached. No minimum lock-in period, No minimum commitments. This is a great option especially when you are looking to ‘test waters’ in India

Flexible Conversion to Subsidiary

Our PEO arrangement has flexible option to convert PEO engagement into subsidiary, with flexible & competitive pricing, for your benefit. We encourage you to explore legal entity option after you have tested waters in the country & fairly feel confident that you want a permanent structure in India